Risk management

Risk management

Heta Asset Resolution AG controls and monitors its risks across all business segments, with the aim of optimising its risk/performance profile and ensuring the ability to bear risks at any time, thus protecting the Bank’s creditors. To this end it influences the business and risk policies of its strategic and other holdings through its involvement in shareholder and supervisory committees. In the case of the Group‘s strategic and other holdings, compatible risk control processes, strategies and methods are implemented.

The following central principles apply to the overall controlling process in Heta Asset Resolution:
  • Specific processes and organisational structures are in place for all risk types, to which all tasks, competence and responsibilities of participants are aligned
  • Sales and back office as well as trading and settlement/monitoring units are functionally separated to prevent conflicts of interest
  • The Group develops and implements appropriate, mutually compatible procedures for the purpose of identifying, measuring, combining, controlling and monitoring the different risk types
  • Appropriate limits for material risk types have already been set and are effectively monitored.

Ensuring adequate risk management and controlling structures and processes is the responsibility of the Group’s Chief Risk Officer (CRO), who is a member of the Heta Asset Resolution Executive Board.

Detailed information on risk management is available only in German language in the Offenlegungsbericht according to the Austrian Offenlegungsverordnung (Off-VO).

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